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Descendants of WWII Rangers, Inc.

The purpose of this organization is to perpetuate the history of the men who served with the United States Army Rangers during World War II; maintain and upkeep all memorials created in their honor; arrange for reunions at the pleasure of its membership; memorialize and perpetuate the memory of all Battalion Rangers; and educate and inform those seeking information and history of the Rangers.

A Membership Roster is created from this information and is only shared among the Board of Directors and Members of this organization. Newsletters and updates are sent via PDF to those with email. The information is not shared with other organizations, or anyone not a member of the organization. We ask that all members respect this, and not share with others.

ALL MEMBERS’ DUES ARE $35.00 YEARLY: JANUARY – DECEMBER. If joining after 30 June for any given calendar year, dues are $17.50. For example, if joining in July 2018 for year 2018, the dues are $17.50.

Please fill out and submit this form. After you submit the form, a link will be provided for you to pay online by credit card. To go to the Ranger Store without registering first, click here.

If you are a WWII Ranger or the Widow or a descendant of a WWII Ranger:
If you are a Descendant of a WWII Ranger (includes legal adoptions):
If you are requesting Honorary Membership:

Please list your contributions (non-monetary) to the Descendants of WWII Rangers and explain how you are furthering the purposes of the Descendants of WWII Rangers organization (per article I, paragraph 3 of the By-Laws)