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Photo Galleries:  

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Photos and Stories on individual Rangers

  • All contents are the exclusive property of Rangers and their Family members. Reproduction is strictly prohibited without their permission.

Ranger spotlights with pages dedicated to individual Rangers. Rangers, please send us photos so you and your buddies are included. Stories, photos, poems, anything you are willing to share is greatly appreciated.

Please contact us to submit photos and text.

 Ranger Stones Photos of stones purchased for WWII  Rangers.  Contact us.

Ranger Reunions & Event Photos

Photos from the Ranger Events

Some Trips made by Descendants  


Ranger Monument in Weymouth


D-day 60th Anniversary in France

Bergstein, Germany

Slideshow of a WW II significant location in Germany

D-day Stateside

National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA

Bataan Memorial Death March

WW II Ranger son photographs  his participation in the 26.2 mi BMDM

 70th Anniversary of D-Day   Photos submitted by Kathy Wiseman, Limbourg Philippe and Bartek Kwasniewski
 Ranger Memorials  Monuments of interest


Cemetery photo links to the burial sites of Rangers resting in the soils they liberated.     (photos courtesy of our many friends who tend the graves of those left behind)



Ardennes Cemetery 6 Rangers
Normandy Cemetery  47 Rangers
Henri-Chapelle Cemetery 14 Rangers
Luxembourg Cemetery 23 Rangers
Manila Cemetery 4 Rangers
North Africa Cemetery 6 Rangers
Sicily Rome American Cemetery 108 Rangers
Lorraine American Cemetery 11 Rangers
Brittany American  Cemetery 24 Rangers
Rhone American Cemetery 5 Rangers