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     Roll Call 2003-2008

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Lost, but never forgotten

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Updated 24 March 2014

Obituaries are listed in the order in which they are received, not by date of death. Rangers and families are encouraged to submit a photo and history to post in the Ranger Photo Gallery/Ranger Spotlight section.


Ranger Regis McCloskey 2F

03 April 2008



Ranger William Harris, 6E

17 October 2008


Ranger  William T. Parsons 4th Ranger Bn

02 December 2006



Ranger Robert W. Prince 6/C

Led the greatest rescue mission in American History "Raid on Cabanatuan"

Distinguished Service Cross

Ranger Hall of Fame

01 January 2009



Ranger  Henry "Zeke" Zyrkowski 2/D

October 2008



Ranger  James Brennan 1/F ex-POW

October 2008



Ranger  Andy Stojak 1/E 4/C

September 2008


Ranger Franklin Duberville 4/F

31 July 2008



Ranger John Shobey 2/A

03 March 2003



Ranger Ronald I. Peterson 1/D Original Darby Ranger

20 July 2008



Ranger Frank A. Steele 1/E, 4/B, FSSF

27 July 1991



Ranger Henry Bungard 2/HQ

August 2008



Ranger John J. Perry 5/A

10 June 2008



Ranger Paul P. Werkowski 1/D

21 June 2008



Ranger Michael Rambis  1/Hq/E 4/Hq Original Darby Ranger

12 June 2008



Ranger Clyde W. Elliott 1/B 3/C Original Darby Ranger

11 May 1967



Ranger Raymond M. Herlihy 5/D

03 June 2008



Ranger Talmage Wagstaff 4/F

23 January 2008



Ranger Sam Dwyer 2/F

06 February 2008



Ranger Hildreth Keylor 5/B

06 May 2008



Ranger William Paul Woods 1/A

29 January 2008



Ranger Nathan C. Reed 2/E

22 May 2008



Ranger Dustin S. Anderson 6/A/B

April 2008



Ranger James Altieri Original Darby Ranger 1F/4F




Ranger James J. "Red" O'Hare 5/A




Ranger Roger Twigg Original Darby Ranger 1/F and 4/E




Ranger Roy Houseman 3/B

(the last surviving Houseman triplet, all serving as Darby Rangers)




Ranger Iven (Buster) Bode 3/A




Ranger Harold Westerholm Original Darby Ranger 1/C/F  4/F




Ranger Robert G. Anderson 6/C




Ranger Kenneth Barker 2/A




Ranger Clarence Goad 3/B




Ranger Marvin Moore 1/B




Ranger Robert Gillespie 2/Hq




Ranger Rufus A "Bud" Harman 6/E




Ranger Kenneth Harsch 2/D




Ranger Charles Leighton 1/E




Ranger Howard MacDonald 5/F




Ranger Edward McGrath 5/D




Ranger Melvin Metzgar 4Bn




Ranger David Nelson 5/D




Ranger Leonard Rubin 2/D




Ranger George S. Williams 2/Hq




Ranger wives

Audrey Alm (Ray Alm 2/B)

December 2007


Miyoko Perry (John Perry 5)

January 2007



Ranger Fred Dix 2/F

December 2007



Ranger Leland Provencher 6/C

26 December 2007



Ranger James H. Hudnell Original 2/D

09 Dec 2007

Service details pending.



Ranger Hollis D. Stabler, Sr.  4/Hq FSSF

12 November 2007



Ranger Peter Deeb Original 1st Ranger Bn/4

05 November 2007



Ranger Howard Arthur MacDonald

01 March 2007


(1922-2007) An elementary school teacher once accused Massachusetts's native, Howard Arthur MacDonald, of not working to potential. Howard graduated from Natick High with two letters in hockey and an all-star title for his defense. While working for Polaroid, he enlisted in the army and as a First Sergeant with the 5th Ranger Battalion, took shrapnel at Omaha Beach, Normandy on D-Day, WWII. While recovering, he fell in love with the lovely Barbara Grady of the Women's Army Corps, married her in '45 and had a daughter in '47. Howard earned a bachelor's degree from Northeastern University and worked as an engineer for MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. With drafting and carpentry skills, he built two houses with his own hands as his daughter, wrapped in a snowsuit, handed him the nails. He retired and moved to Chandler, AZ in 1980 where he helped raise three grandchildren, teaching them dignity, respect and the value of a well told joke. He conquered and subdued golf courses all over Arizona, cheered on the Suns and the D'Backs and enjoyed time with his 
great-grandchildren, occasionally letting the eldest beat him at cards. After 84 years of exceeding his own potential, he fell asleep in his own bed for the last time, March 1, 2007. He is survived by his wife of 61 years; a daughter; 3 grand and 5 great grandchildren. To honor his memory, shake a veteran's hand and thank them for their service. 
Thank you for your time. 
Joel Smalley, grandson 




Ranger Gale "Beck" Beccue 5/E

02 November 2007


Dad passed away at Cloquet, MN on Friday, November 2nd -- D Day plus 63 years 149 days.  He was one of the original volunteers selected for the 5th Rangers when the unit was formed in 1943.  He took part in the Invasion of Normandy and participated in every action involving E/5th until he lost his left leg to a land mine while assaulting a German position on February 19, 1945.  Dad was a proud Ranger to the end.  In one of his last conversations with a hospice worker he stated his wishes regarding further medical treatment and told them that he was ready to “lead the way”.  The hospice worker related that conversation to me without realizing the significance of what he had said.  When I explained the Ranger motto and its history to her she was deeply moved.  Included in the framed memorabilia on Dad’s wall at the end were both the original Ranger diamond patch and the later 5th Ranger patch.   He passed quietly and peacefully with family members present.  We know he was looking forward to joining the other Rangers who had gone on ahead.  What a reunion that will be!


Boyd Beccue



Ranger Guy C. Shoaf 2/HQ

03 September 2007



Ranger Harold R. Sayre 2/HQ


Was part of the D-Day invasion, went all through Europe and received the bronze star and a purple heart. If any of the other rangers who reads this that can remember him please let me know at zman0393@aol.com.


Posted by Great Grandson Zack Scott


Ranger Leonard L. Goff 2/D

09 September 2005


Posted by Dan Lackey nephew



Ranger Eugene Graziose 2/E

first week of August 2007

Graziose -Joined E-Co as a replacement after 6 June 1944 and remained until October 1945. When the Bn was disbanded.



Ranger Robert H. Olesen  1C/HQ 

30 August 2007



Ranger Charles L. Palumbo  3/A

21 January 1964


posted by son Lewis Palumbo LAPalumbo@raytheon.com


Ranger Earl W. (Bill) VanAlstine  1/E

09 May 1993

Served in the Italy Campaigns. Was WIA on Nov. 23, 1943, at Mt Venafro, Italy, blinded in both eyes. He received the following Medals, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, PUC, CIB, Good Conduct, Victory WW2 Medal, American Defense Medal. European Middle Eastern Campaign /w 2 Battle Stars, and Spearhead.


Submitted by eldest son Bert VanAlstine (VN vet)



Ranger Emery O. Trotter 5/E

05 August 2007


Ranger Morris Prince 2/A

03 August 2007


Ranger Timothy Daly 5/C

25 July 2007


Ranger Charles Warner 3Bn

15 June 2007  

Charles served in the 3Rd  Bn,  he was captured at Anzio and served  his time in Germany  along with the rest of the 1st and 3rd  Bn's. He worked at  Dupont  SRS as a  chemical  Eng.  He trained dogs as a hobby and  was a good  citizen of  Aiken, Charles was 84 when he died. He left his wife Jeanne, and 3 children many  friends.  and  he will be missed.


Ranger Joe Fineberg    4 Hq  

24 June 2007

Posted by daughter Deborah Pollack dcpollack@bellsouth.net


Ranger Leonard Kirk 4   

10 June 2007

Ranger Kirk was a World War II member of the 4th Ranger Battalion and the 1st Special Service Force.   Decorations include 2 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, Presidential Unit Citation and Good Conduct Medal. He was a retired Baptist Deacon in his home of Huntington, WV and was a retired steelworker. 

Posted by Wade Lnenicka wlnenicka@yahoo.com


Ranger William C. Foust  6/E SSGT  

11 June 1980

Died in traffic accident at the intersection of US 35 and US 31 North of Kokomo, Indiana June 11, 1980.

Posted by son Rick Foust bsu73@yahoo.com


Ranger Harold Lumadue    3/A   

21 March 2007


Ranger Michael Rusin 1/A & 3/B Darby Original Ranger

11 March 2007


Ranger Conway Epperson 2/Hq D-day Ranger

20 April 2007

1 Silver & 1 Bronze Star


Ranger LeRoy T. Button 5/Hq

14 April 2007


Ranger Delbert Ferguson 2/A

10 April 2007

He saw action on D-Day, he was wounded, received a Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Purple Heart for his actions during the invasion. Ranger Ferguson was one of the Rangers that successfully climbed Point du Hoc. He was a true hero, as with every other soldier that has ever served.

Posted by nephew Tony Shafer Allbro2t@aol.com


Ranger Irving F. Emerson Original 1st Ranger Bn, Co E, later 4/B

15 August 1996


Ranger William J. Stivison 2/F

02 April 2007


Ranger Robert W. Skarie 1/A

28 February 2007

Fort Wayne, IN


Ranger Oscar Art Suchier 5/A/F

November 2006

West Palm Beach ,FL.


Ranger Edmond L. Carroll 5/Hq/E

02 Mar 07

Princeton, WV


Ranger Paul Neubauer 6/D

June 2006


Ranger Charles Cameron Lemon 1st LT 5/B

28 July 2005

Charleston, WV


Ranger Hayward Robey 2/E

09 February 2007


Ranger Albert F. Patterson 6/A

06 February 2007


Ranger Lawrence Riedinger 6/D

05 February 2006


Ranger Clarence Bachman 2/E

02 February 2007

Service details will be posted


Ranger Melvin G. "Bud" Potratz 2/D

01 February 2007


Ranger Thomas A. Grace, Jr. S/SGT 6/F

11 January 2007

Participated in the Raid on Cabanatuan


Ranger William H. Proudfit 6/F

06 January 2007

Pfc. Proudfit was one of the thirty men under the command of Lt. John Murphy who fired the first small arms fire during the "Great Raid" at the rear of the Cabanatuan POW camp on January 30, 1945. The Raid and rescue of POW's held at Cabanatuan is known for being the greatest rescue mission in American history.


Ranger John Austin Miller Original Darby Ranger 1/F & 4/D

02 January 2007


Ranger William T. Parsons 1/D

02 December 2006


Ranger Earl Richardson 1/C

28 December 2006


Ranger William D. Gregory 2/HQ

06 December 2006

Tech-4 William D. (Bill) Gregory, Cook-HQ Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion.  Transferred from the 8th Inf. Division to the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Camp Forrest, Tn. and  landed at Pont de Hoc, Normandy June 6, 1944 and fought with the Battalion throughout the war.  Bill was from Zama, Mississippi and Died in Shelbyville, Tennessee


Ranger William Klaus 2/A

28 December 2006

Bill Klaus was the pattern for Ranger non-coms on 6 June, 1944.


Ranger Lester E. Kness 1/E S/SGT and 4/A Captain Ranger Hall of Fame

An Original Darby Ranger - Participated in the Dieppe Raid

08 December 2006


Tue 12 Dec 2006 10:00

Epworth United Methodist Church

412 Eucid Ave.

Des Moines Iowa


Ranger John A. Brest  1and 3/D

27 May 2006

Magalia, California   (County of Butte)

New Castle, PA

Tech 5  

Dates of Service 4/2/43 to 11/29/45

Battles/Campaigns: Sicilian-Naples, Fogia, N. Apennines


Ranger Zelly J. Dineen 1/E

18 November 2006


Ranger Claude N. Robinson

25 Dec 2003


Ranger Edward Rutkowski 5/C

02 Mar 2002


Ranger Richard Stealey 1/3D

22 October 2006


Ranger Edwin Sorvisto 2/C

04 October 2006

Exact date to be confirmed. Obituary listed on 08 October 2006


Ranger William A. Brackens 1/E, 4/B FSSF World War II and also Korea

27 October 2006

Passed away this morning, 27 October 2006,  at the Gainesville, Florida Veterans Hospital.  He would have had his 82nd birthday November 24th had he lived one more month. He had  his uniform and medals all ready for this years Veterans Day Parade. He thought it would be better than last years. He got to ride in the wagon, couldn't walk any more.

He was  retired Army, SFC, Ranger, First Special Service Force (FSSF), served 24 years, 14 of them in Europe. He served from Africa to Rome, got a Purple heart in Italy, was on a hospital ship coming home on D-Day, served 2 tours in Korea another 5 years abroad.  Yes, he was our Hero.

Ranger Jerome "Jerry"  Nagengast 1/C

18 October 2006


Ranger Francis Dunegan 5/D

17 October 2006


Ranger Franklin Koons 1/D

October 2006


Ranger Elden W. Warner 5 D/E

14 March 2006


Ranger Francis "Webb" Kohl 2/A

22 July 2006


Ranger Vernon E. Daugherty, 3/D and former POW

28 September 2006
Tucson, Arizona


Ranger Harry C. Castellaw 6/Hq/B

07 March 2006


Ranger Melvin W. Sweany 2/D

04 October 2006


Ranger Alex Szima 1Hq/C

Thursday 13 September 2006


Ranger Frank Vavak 6/D

13 September 2006


Ranger Elwood "Woody" L. Dorman 5/D D-day Ranger

13 September 2006

Rangers Dorman and Reed blew the hole in the barbed wire that

day on the bloody beaches enabling those trapped on the beaches

to escape single file through the minefield that was all part of

Hitler's "Atlantic Wall". Ranger Dorman now answers to a higher

calling. Go in peace, dear Ranger!


Ranger Andrew J. Rose 5/D

28 August 2006

Jack was born Sept. 22, 1919 in Cameron, Okla. to Dillard and Angeline Smith Rose. He was a 44th Battalion Army Ranger and decorated World War II veteran who served in the European Theater. His decorations and citations include the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the Bronze Star, and two Purple Heart Medals with Oak Leaf Clusters for wounds received in action at both Omaha Beach, France and Germany. He worked for over 45 years as a carpenter and moved to Lompoc in 1991 where he belonged to the American Legion Post 211 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1717.


Ranger Merle  L. Madden  5/E Staff Sergeant

05 December 1982


Ranger Martin Engelhardt 6/B

Monday 20 August 2006


Ranger John Hodgson, 1st Sgt. 5/F

Friday 18 August 2006
Interment will be at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery and "Once an Eagle Ceremony" used. 

Detailed information will be posted when available.


Ranger William Arimond Original 1/B, 3/D, Stalag IIB ex-POW

Wednesday 16 August 2006

Buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery


Ranger Al Kluezynski 1/C Ex-POW

Wednesday 16 August 2006

Ranger Kluezynski came in at North Africa. He was a POW for 17 months and made the 3-month walk from west of the Polish border to the other side of Berlin in the worst winter Germany ever had.


Ranger Clyde C. Thompson Original 1/F, 4/Hq

24 October 2004


Ranger Nicholas Butrico 5/A

Sunday 06 August 2006


Ranger John Nordland 1/A

Wednesday 26 July 2006


Ranger James Roush 2/B

Wednesday 26 July 2006


Ranger Manuel Kladakis 5/A/Hq

15 June 2006


Ranger Henry "Hank" Klett 5/E

06 July 2006


Ranger William "Billy" O'Keefe 2/F

08 July 2006

Family contact: Niece Ann O'Keefe: Am1oK@aol.com 


Ranger Burnie Cooper, 3/C ex-POW

04 July 2006


Ranger Ed O'Connor, 2/A

June 2006


Ranger Charles Huston Denbo, 2/E

15 May 2006


Ranger Alvin H. Nance, 2/D

13 May 2006 

Arlington National Cemetery


Ranger Richard Houseman, 3/B

11 March 1967

and brother

Ranger Robert Houseman, 3/B

10 March 1994

Remembered by their brother Ranger Roy Houseman, 3/B,

the sole surviving member of the infamous Houseman Triplets

(click on Houseman Triplets in blue to see more details)


Ranger Joseph Bero 1/B

April 15, 2006


Ranger Raymond Marty Original 1 & 3/D

April  2006 Easter weekend


Sgt Ray Marty was one of the Original 500 members of Darby's 1st Ranger Battalion, making the amphibious assault on North Africa with them. Ranger Marty then became training cadre for the 3rd Ranger Battalion and made the assault on Sicily with that unit. After again participating in the training of the 4th Battalion , Ray made his last amphibious landing during the assault on Salerno, Italy. He served his country from April 1939 until July 1944.


Ranger Jack Lewis 3/D

April 10, 2006


Ranger John (Jack) V. Keating Sr. 2/HQ

March 28, 2006


Ranger James Shalala  (and wife Patricia) 2/E

March 09, 2006 auto accident


Ranger Lavern (Ben) DeFoe 3/B

March 27, 2006


Ranger Charles (Charlie) Klein 5/F

March 20, 2006


Lois N. Nelsen (Wife of George Nelsen Original 1st Bn)

October 21, 2004


Ranger Gilbert Blum 1Hq/C

August 30, 2005


Ranger Norton Most 6Hq/B S/Sgt

August 2005


Ranger Joe Malatesta 6/E S/Sgt

January 2006


Ranger Gino Mercuriali Original 1/D, 4/B

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

19 September 1920 - 09 January 2006

2nd Lieutenant Gino Mercuriali served in 5 different Ranger companies during WWII

and was awarded the Bronze Star. He was also pictured on the cover of Life Magazine during WWII

in a feature on the Rangers. He was often known to his Ranger Comrades as "Big Mercy."

Memorial Park Cemetery

Sioux City, Iowa


Ranger William H. Walker 1st Battalion

Fresno, California

June 2005


Ranger Gene Elder 2F

Cherokee, Iowa

April 2005


Ranger Ward Nelson 6/D

Waterville, WA

February 4, 2005


Ranger Ivor Jones 2/Hq

December 02, 2005


Ranger Edward C. Ackerman 6/Hq

December 01, 2005

Notified by son Lynn  lackerm1@midsouth.rr.com


Ranger Lloyd Pollard 4/D

November 27, 2005

Queen of Heaven Cemetery


Thomas J.(Tom) Lyman, Captain & Company Commander D Co. 6th Bn

May 3, 2005

Buried in Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, IL 


Ranger Donald Dutcher 5/A Sgt

February 9, 2005

Joined the 5th Rangers at Camp Forrest, landed on D-Day, fought with

the 5th across Europe and returned to the States with the 5th.


I am proud of my father...



Ranger Ronald Thomas 6/C participated in the Cabanatuan Raid

August, 2005


Ranger Jerry Eberle 2/Hq

August 2005


Ranger Harold Gunther 2/E

August 7, 2005

Platoon Sgt in E Co from start to finish of the 2nd Bn history.

He was in the first arrivals at Camp Forrest, TN to start the Bn in April 1943.


Ranger Lloyd Pruitt 1/F, 4/F

August 2005   


Ranger Franklin A. Crawford 3/C ex-POW

July 13, 2005   

Please contact granddaughter if you remember him: jik819@cox.net


Ranger Douglas E. Brake 1/B, 3/C, 4 S/Sgt

May 4, 2005   

"He was proud of being a Ranger and proud of being a part of our
organization" Frank South


Ranger Richard Barrows 5/Hq Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944

April 25, 2005 at his home in Hanover, PA.  

He was so proud of his Ranger Heritage, medals, and duties. 

He received many D-Day awards and accommodations.


Ranger Thomas Herring 5/C

May 30, 2005

Arlington National Cemetery

Ranger wife:

Iona Mannie (wife of Ranger Earl Mannie 2/D)

May 24, 2005


Ranger Richard P. (Dick) Merrill 2/E (Company Commander E-Co 2nd Ranger Bn)

March 18, 2005 at his residence

Arlington National Cemetery


Ranger Charles T. Homan Cpl, Co D 2nd Ranger Battalion

August 2001

Submitted by his son,

Philip G. Homan



Commando George F. Hutton

April 23, 2005

Ipswich, England

Lifetime member of the RBA Western Chapter



Ranger MSgt Joseph Dye Original 1st Ranger Battalion 

1/E Silver Star 2/13/43 also 4/A and F Cpl.

January 18, 2005

Age 85 of Cold Spring, New York

He was a previous resident of Waverly Hall, Georgia. MSgt Dye was an original member of the 1st Ranger Battalion serving under Colonel Darby  in North Africa and Italy during World War II. He also served with the 82nd Airborne as a Sky Diving  Instructor at West Point Military Academy, Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. Upon his retirement in 1959 MSgt Dye became a Military Instructor at Cardinal Farley Military Academy. He is survived by his wife of 45 years Helen, his son Joseph Dye, Jr. and four stepchildren. He is greatly missed by his nine grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren


Ranger Robert (Bob) Edlin 2/A

The Fool Lieutenant

April 1, 2005


Ranger William C. Pyrtle 5/A

March 26, 2005


Joyce Berke (wife of the late Ranger Neal Berke 2/Hq)

March 11, 2005


Ranger wife Claire Nordland (loving wife of Ranger John Nordland 1/ A)

February 13, 2001


Ranger Lt Colonel, Rtr, Fred Ahlgren (Original 1st Ranger Bn) 1/D/E

January 26, 2005

Original Officer that started out in Achnacarry, Scotland and was with the 1st Ranger Battalion through Africa, Sicily, and Italy. He was a quiet man, a great Ranger who remained an active member of the Ranger Bn Assn and a member of the Iowa Chapter.


Ranger Cecil Moseley 1/ 3 (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

(also known to the Rangers as James C. Moseley)

February 6, 2005

Cecil was one of the original Rangers of the 1st Bn. who trained with General William O. Darby; later assigned to the 3rd Bn.; went through the Dieppe Raid and was wounded in Italy.  He was a member of the WWII Ranger Darby Chapter. We have lost a dear friend and comrade.

Ranger Jack Kindle 3

January 12, 2005


Ranger Kermit E. Aasve 1/F Sgt (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

January 14, 2005


Ranger Jack Thomas 2/E

January 14, 2005


Ranger Phillip V. Thomas 5/D

January 2, 2005


Ranger Robert (Bob) Hope 3 Bn

December 2004


Ranger Manning Rubenstein 2B/C

December 14, 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland

Manning was a highly regarded and respected officer among the 2nd Bn Rangers

Ranger Robert Harlow 1/3 Bn (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

(click here to link to photo)

October 27, 2004

Ranger Hugo Hefflefinger (Colonel) 5D/HQ

December 7, 2004



The remaining members of the 5th Ranger Battalion were

genuinely shocked by the recent death of retired Colonel

Hugo "Heff" Hefflefinger. Members of Co. "D" were most

grievously affected; since Captain Hefflefinger was our young

Captain when the Rangers were formed in Sept. 1943 at Camp

Forrest, Tenn.


The Captain was an incredible Task Master-extremely demanding

and exacting. Yet, he was not devoid of understanding and

consideration. His belief was, "I'll drive you to perfection because

I'll then be assured you will perform valiantly in combat.

Moreover, it guarantees and insures less casualties and deaths."


He followed his WW11 experiences in Korea and Viet Nam.

All the survivors of Co. "D" bid him "A Fond Farewell" and

present him a FINAL AND LAST SALUTE!

                                                           1st. Lt Raymond Herlihy

                                                            5D & H/Qtrs.

Ranger Ulysses G. (Blackie) Auger 1C/4 (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

November 29, 2004

Ranger Edward Barbarino 1C (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

November 17, 2004

Buried at Resurrection Cemetery (Staten Island)

Ranger Gus Schunemann 1/B

October 19, 2004

A marvelous New Hampshire man passed away yesterday, WWII Ranger Gus Schunemann. He was a 1st Ranger Battalion man who was at Anzio and Cisterna.  After his capture at Cisterna, he escaped from a POW train and lived in an Italian village for 6 months until liberation. Last I knew, he's also a member of USARA.  He finished his Army career as a SGM E9 and returned to this area to become an active and respected member of the Greater Manchester community. It was my privilege to meet and chat with Gus a number of times over recent years. He wrote a very nice memoir of his Army experiences during the War.

Ranger Eli LaLande 6/B

October 14, 2004

Ranger James Sherrill 5/F

October 16, 2004

Landed on D-day on the beaches of Normandy, awarded a Bronze Star when he silenced a German machine gun nest. Also awarded two purple hearts. Ranger Sherrill and his wife Anne are the owners of "Ranger Island Marina" the first marina on Lake Norman in North Carolina. He will be remembered for his sense of humor, respect for others, and his love for his family and his country.

Memorial Donations made be made to the American Heart Assn., 222 Church Street, Suite 203, Charlotte, NC  28202

Ranger Kenneth Markham 1/F

October 20, 2004

Ranger Rodney Sherrill 5/F

October 16, 2004

Ranger Orvil Roberts 6/D

August 24, 2005

Ranger Leilyn Young (Col, retired) 1Hq (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

July 2004


Ranger Edward J. McEleney 5/B

July 2004

Ranger Judson Luckhurst 1/F (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

9 July 2004


Ranger Bernard Fitch (2 Hq) 

Died 6 Jul 2004.  

Nat'l Cemetery 

Battle Creek, MI

Ranger Kenneth W. Kelly  4/B FSSF

Age 79, of Carlisle, PA., died July 5, 2003.

He proudly served in World War II as a corporal in Darby’s Rangers, Company B, 4th Ranger Battalion, U.S. Army and in the Canadian Special Forces in Naples-Foggia, Sicily, Rome-Arno and Southern France. He held the European- African- Middle Eastern Service Medal with four bronze stars, a good- conduct medal and a victory medal.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Ranger Charles D. Bateman, 1/F (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

Died May 1, 2004

Ranger Clarence James Treumer, 1/E (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

April 9, 2004

Served with Darby's  Rangers during World War II  1941- 1945  served in European-African-Middle  Eastern campaign. Was very proud  of his unit.

Ranger Norman Holy 1/F 4/E (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

May 2004

Ranger Orville Lamphier 6/A

May 2004

Ranger Walt Vrbancic 6/F

May 5, 2004

Ranger Col Steven Meade 1/A (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

May 19, 2004

Arlington National Cemetery

Ranger Larry LaCasse 6th Bn

May 21, 2004.

Ranger John William Charboneau 1st Bn

24 March 2003

Ranger Axel (Andy) Anderson 1/HQ

09 May 2004

Birmingham, Aabama

Ranger wife: Sis (Gloria) McIlwain 

Died at 1530 hours 4 May 2004
Wife of Walter McIlwain, 5th Bn

Ranger wife: Virginia Jackson (wife of Ranger Maurice Jackson 2/E)


12 April 2004

(Survived by daughter and S&D President, Lynn Jackson Towne)

See Maurice Jackson in Photo Gallery

Contact Ginger's daughter Lynn: rmtowne@aol.com

Ranger Harry C. Hirchert 1/C

12 December 2003

Ranger Robert S. Pyles 2/E

30 April 2004

Ranger Joe E. Moore 1st Bn

19 January 2004

Ranger Vic Agguzi 2E

February 2004

Ranger Sidney Salomon 2B/C

January 21, 2004

Interred: Arlington National Cemetery

Contact Sid's daughter Karla: karladadd@sbcglobal.net

Ranger Bob Reed 1/3 

January 11, 2004

Ranger Doy Red 5/D 

January 9, 2004

Ranger Alvie Robbins 6/C 

April 8, 2003

Ranger B. Ralph Watts 1/4 (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

November 3, 2003

Retired from the Army after 30 yrs. of service as a Warrant Officer. 

Ranger wife: June Romine 

December 25, 2003

Survived by Ranger Micky Romine 3Hq/Medic

Ranger wife: Barbara Prince 

December 2003

Survived by Ranger Robert Prince 6 Hq/C

Ranger Warren Wilson 2/B

Thanksgiving Day 27 Nov 2003

Ranger David L Pfrunder, 1/E (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

December 12, 2003 

Ranger Donald E. Cox, 3B/Cisterna ex-POW

December 6, 2003

Ranger George Hawkins, 1C/4Hq

(Original 1st Ranger Bn)

December 11, 2003

Lakewood, CA


Ranger Wife: Leota Hawkins

February 2004






Ranger Edward Krise 3/Hq/F  Medic

December 2003

Arlington National Cemetery

Ranger Michael Shuput, 1/E (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

December 2003

Arlington National Cemetery

Ranger Harvey Cook  2/HQ

December 2003

Harvey James Cook, 85, was a distinguished member of the 2nd Battalion of World War II Rangers. He was also a retired Army Colonel. Colonel Cook was born April 2, 1918 in Philadelphia, growing up in Narberth, PA. There he shared his father’s passion for baseball and graduated from Lower Merion High School in 1936, then Michigan State College in 1940 where he played varsity baseball while earning a BA in Business Administration.

Colonel Cook was commissioned a second lieutenant and entered active duty in October 1941. His first duty station was Camp Richie, MD, where he taught hand-to-hand combat. There he was recruited by the 2nd Ranger Battalion as an intelligence officer. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, then Captain Cook joined other Rangers to scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc. He was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action. He was again cited for bravery while participating in small-unit combat operations in the Battle of the Bulge and Heurtgen Forest where he was twice awarded the Bronze Star for valor. At war’s end, he was in Plazen, Czechoslovakia along with other members of the 2nd Rangers awaiting orders back to the United States.

Following World War II, Colonel Cook attended the Army’s Advanced Infantry School and the Army Language School where he studied Japanese. He was in Fukuoka, Japan at the outbreak of the Korean War. Colonel Cook saw combat in Korea with the 24th Infantry Division and once again was cited for valor earning yet another Bronze Star. Due to an injury he was eventually returned to the United States to recuperate and await orders to Germany. Once in post-war Germany Cook was assigned to the Intelligence Director at US Army Headquarters in Heidelberg and later Stuttgart.

Colonel Cook served in the Pentagon on the Army General Staff until he was selected to command an Army air defense artillery battalion. This spit-and-polish outfit was responsible for the air defense of the national capital region. Command came naturally for the colonel and his unit achieved unprecedented results on inspections and evaluations. In 1961, he was assigned to the Intelligence Division, NATO Headquarters at Fontainebleau, France, until his return to Fort Holabird, MD in 1964. There he headed the National Agency Check Center, the military clearinghouse for vetting personal security clearances. In 1967, Colonel Cook was again sent into harm’s way, this time to Vietnam as Chief of Military Intelligence for the Military Assistance Command. In 1968, Colonel Cook was assigned to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii where he served on the Pacific Army General staff. After more than 30 years, his final assignment brought him full circle for Narberth to Valley Forge Military Hospital. Colonel Cook retired from the Army in 1972 after having served the nation for more than 32 years.

Harvey Cook will be remembered by his family and many friends as having a wonderful sense of humor. He could get into a fit of laughter that was contagious. passion for baseball, especially the Phillies, never diminished. He was also an avid reader of Military History. Colonel Cook was a Mason and member of the Central Presbyterian Church, Downingtown, as well as the Lion’s Club. He served the community as a valued citizen, his country as a patriot-soldier and God as faithful-serving Christian. He, as so many of this “greatest generation” fought evil because they would not live with the consequences of being bystanders. In a world of fear and terror, we owe them much. But most of all, he was a good husband and father who will be missed greatly by those who survive him.

Bonnie, his wife of 63 years, and Harvey met on a blind date at Michigan State in 1939. They enjoyed a full, adventurous life together living and traveling all over the world. One of their favorite pastimes was playing golf on winter vacations to Myrtle Beach. Through all the moves and excitement, they raised four children, had six grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

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Ranger John J. Corona 2/D

November 20, 2003

Ranger Elmer F. Hebbeler 2/C

September 23, 2003

Mr. Hebbeler retired in 1979 after 26 years as an Evansville firefighter and also worked at Meisler Carthage. He was employed at Finke Furniture, where he met his future wife, Avanelle Postlethweight. Elmer was a WWII Army veteran, serving as a member of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, Company C. His unit was the first to hit Omaha Beach on D-Day. It was also the company upon which the movie, "Saving Private Ryan" was based. He had the opportunity to go back to Normandy and was present at the 50th anniversary of D-Day where President Reagan gave an address at Pointe du Hoc. He was a member of the Vanderburgh County Retired Veterans Club, U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion, the Retired Police & Fireman's Association, the National Ranger Battalions Association, the Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin Ranger's Chapter, the Ranger's Michigan Ohio Valley Chapter, VFW Post 1114, the American Legion and a lifetime member of St. Lucas United Church of Christ.

Ranger Hebbeler was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, where the Vanderburgh County Retired Veterans conducted a full military graveside service.

Ranger George R. Haley, 5/E


August 10, 2003 

My father passed away in Plymouth, MA. He served in WWII in the 5th Rangers, E Co. His burial was at the National Cemetery in Bourne, MA. He also served in Korea and three tours in Viet Nam. 

Thank you...a proud son!


Ranger Kenneth A. Leighton 2/Hq 

October 12, 2003

Ranger Rex Sharp 6/B

October 21, 2003

Fort Smith National Cemetery 

Ranger Frank Bartlett 5/A

July 17, 2003

Ranger Grant Butler, 1B/3E (Original 1st Ranger Bn)

September. 30, 2003

Ranger Earl Morris 4/Hq

October 2003

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Ranger Steven A. Liscinsky, 2/Hq

March 30, 1921 - September 4, 2003

September 2003, Holy Spirit Hospital Camp HiII


Served with the US. Army during World War II as a Ranger in the 2nd Battalion and scaled the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc on D-Day. He graduated from Penn State in 1950 with a bachelor's degree in forestry and in 1951 with a Masters Degree in science. He was a wildlife biologist for the state Game Commission for 32 years. He was a member of Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church and also an Eagle Scout who enjoyed bird watching, hunting, fishing, and plant grafting. He loved the outdoors.



Ranger Charles L. Miller, 1/A

July 16, 1972 of a heart attack 

He was 46 years old. He is buried in Paddletown Cemetery in Newberrytown, York County, Pennsylvania. 

Submitted September 2003 by son: Jeffrey A. Miller



Ranger Angus Gillis (Mac) McKinnon, 1/F


On the day of his death, Mac was scheduled

 to participate in a Ranger reunion in

Minneapolis , Minnesota  



Mac was born in Geneva , Alabama on October 22, 1919 to Luther Gillis McKinnon and Willie Lee Slaughter McKinnon. He was the sixth of eight children in the family. Mac spent his childhood years in Alabama , with his family eventually settling in Quincy , Florida . He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and was a lifelong fan of the Tennessee Vols. Mac's friends and family would describe him as all-American, with a hearty laugh and a true appreciation of his fellow man. 

Mac was proud to have served his country during World War II in Company F, First Ranger Battalion of the United States Army, where he achieved the rank of first lieutenant. He fought with the armed forces in Sicily, Italy, and Africa . Among his many honors, he was awarded a Purple Heart. 

In the mid-fifties, Mac and his family moved to Houston from Knoxville . The family quickly put down roots, enjoying a large circle of friends. Mac was an active participant in youth sports, often coaching his children's teams, including football, Little League baseball, and basketball. In addition to community activities in

Ex-Cabanatuan POW John M. Cook Jr.

31 May 2003

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Ranger Charles S. Tolias 2Bn


West Roxbury (MA) - Charles S. Tolias, 80, of Canton, died Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at the Veterans Administration Hospital after a brief illness.  He was the husband of Annie H. "Honey" (Thomas) Tolias.

Born in Lowell, he was raised in Canton, attended Canton schools and was a lifelong resident of the town. He was a decorated member of the Army 2nd Battalion during World War II, where he was awarded the Bronze Star.  Mr. Tolias enlisted in the Army at the age of 20 with intentions of serving on the front line, and stormed the beach at Normandy on D-Day with 550 men in his battalion, half of whom fell at the hands
of the Germans.

Later, while traveling through Schmidt, Germany, his jeep hit a land mine. The mine blew him 30 feet into the air, resulting in both legs being amputated following a two-year stay in the hospital.

In 1999, Mr. Tolias was honored for his World War II service with a town square dedicated in his name at the corner of Washington and Bolivar streets in Canton.

He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 90 in Norwood, the American Legion Post No. 24 in Canton, and the Canton and Quincy Masons.  He was a founding member of the Canton Town Club where he served as treasurer for more than 40 years.

Survivors include his widow; three children, Stephen C. Tolias of
Norwood, Elaine A. Crowley of Norfolk and John C. Tolias of Middleboro; and five grandchildren. He was the brother of the late Soteria Evangelos, Nicholas Tolias and Helen George.

Ranger Charles S. Tolias

2nd Ranger Battalion


(One of the last photos taken 

before losing both legs)


photo courtesy John Tolias