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Rangers Who Led the Way!

Honoring Ranger Jordan Smitch, 5th Ranger Battalion "D" Co
More elite soldiers who arrived by land or sea ... 


Ranger Jordan Smitch

Dear Ranger Family.

My brother is listed as Pfc. Smitch Jordan D.of company F in his 5th Ranger book. This book was  given to him by the officers and men of F company after he was wounded. 


He was part of the landing force on D-Day. He was later wounded somewhere in September or October of 1944. I think. I'm not sure where in France that it was.


I would appreciate any information that you could give me. He passed away of a heart attack Jan.15, 1992. In Kearny Az.        


I have included a letter he sent shortly after training.   

Sincerely Jay R. Smitch.     jaysmitch@hotmail.com. or jsmitch@q.com  

















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