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Rangers Who Led the Way!

Honoring Roy, Robert & Richard Houseman, B Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion
"The Houseman Triplets"

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Roy, Richard & Robert



Richard, Robert & Roy


The Houseman Triplets served in B Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion. Richard & Robert were identical, twins, Roy was an added bonus!

The Triplets are pictured above at age 19. They joined the Rangers at Nemours, North Africa in May 1943. Robert was among those captured at Cisterna. Roy and Richard were transferred to the FSSF (First Special Service Force) after the disaster at Cisterna, when the 1st, 3rd & 4th Ranger Battalions were inactivated.

Roy was severely wounded at Anzio, and brother Richard carried him off the battlefield to an aid station. Roy and Richard took part in the capture of Rome while with the FSSF.

The three were inseparable triplets and were known to all Rangers as "The Fighting Houseman Trio," a title richly deserved.


Roy wishes to remember his brothers:

       Richard Houseman who passed:11 March 1967

       Robert Houseman who passed: 10 March 1994


Posted in loving memory to his brothers Robert & Richard

by surviving triplet brother, Roy


                                          16 May 2006 - Roy Houseman