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A Ranger Who Led the Way!

Honoring Delbert "Fergie" Ferguson, A Co., 2nd Ranger Battalion
A more elite soldier who arrived by land or sea ... 


Photos and story courtesy and property of the

Ranger Ferguson Family                 April 2007


In loving memory of Ranger Delbert Ferguson

Ranger Ferguson served in A Co, 2nd Ranger Battalion. As an Original 2nd Bn Ranger, he participated in and survived the famed climb up Point du Hoc to capture potential enemy fire from that high point above the beaches. He served with his Ranger Buddies throughout the War receiving both a Bronze and Silver Star for actions that have been lost with the many records of so many Rangers. He was wounded and also received a Purple Heart.

Ranger Ferguson passed on 10 April 2007 and will be greatly missed by the Ranger Family that now spans many conflicts and generations. He was a Ranger who led the way for others to follow in both service and civilian life.


Posted 14 April 2007

Family contact: Kimberly Ferguson (niece)



Ferguson above with his accordion in the field













Ferguson and Ranger Buddies