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A Ranger Who Led the Way!

Honoring Elwood L. Dorman, 5th Ranger Battalion "D" Co
A more elite soldier who arrived by land or sea ... 



On June 6, 1944, I was at Omaha beach with the 5th Ranger Battalion. We were supposed to be at Pointe du Hoc with the 2nd Battalion Rangers, but conditions put us on Omaha. The 29th Infantry Division was unable to get off the beach, and the men were being slaughtered by the Germans.


My friend, Bill Reed, and I used our Bangalore torpedoes to blast a hole in the barbed-wire entanglement, and we rushed through it, followed by other Rangers and the 29th.


For this, we received the Silver Star. Our platoon received the Presidential Unit Citation with three oak-leaf clusters, and the French Croix de Guerre.


The Battalion continued fighting on through Europe until V-E Day.


As told by Ranger Dorman





"Woody" and his wife Joyce have been active in the RBA for many years. Joyce was awarded the Darby award for service to the Rangers in the Ranger Battalions Association of World War II (RBA). The Dormans reside in Florida and remain active in the RBA.


Submitted by Jerry Styles

October 2003


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