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A Ranger Who Led the Way!

Honoring Arnold Davis, 1st Ranger Battalion
A more elite soldier who arrived by land or sea ... 




The photo reads: 

Arnold E. Davis  1st Ranger Bn

Jan 21, 1944



Ranger Davis  was in the 1st Ranger Battalion. According to his daughter, Brandi Belton, Ranger Davis was at Anzio and one of six rangers to return after the attack of "Cisterna di Littoria" on Jan 31, 1944. Her father told her that while they were sitting under a bridge that day, the six remaining men all signed their names on a dollar bill and a small card. 

The card (which he still has) was signed on the Anzio beachhead by the following Rangers:

   Davis, Arnold E
   Smith, Richard G
   Sitarchyk,Joseph A
   Mosier, Ben F
Fergen, Thomas B
Holbrooks, James J Eger
and either
Facer, Charles, or Ellis, Thurman

When Brandi was younger, she recalls watching the movie, "Darby's Rangers" with her father. She remembers her father saying that the part in the movie that was the most accurate, was when the Rangers rolled under the treads of the German tanks, as the tanks went up over a rise in the road.  He told her that he was one of those Rangers and that it was the only way they could cross the road without the German's seeing them.

Ranger Davis is alive and watching the website. His daughter was kind enough to share some memories and this photograph.

Photo and narrative submitted by Ranger Davis' daughter:

Brandi Belton

September 2002

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