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Franck's Offer to help with rooms at Normandy for 70th anniversary August 20, 2013
Maurits's Story about WWII Rangers August 20, 2013
70th Anniversary Plans for D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia August 10, 2013
First Special Service Force (FSSF) Facebook Page August 10, 2013
Steve Ketzer's Library/Listing of Ranger Books, Movies, and TV Specials August 7, 2013
Ewing W. Mays Historical Research Fund August 2, 2013
Americans Veteran Center Honors PFC Bob Brown (D & HQ, 2nd)  
Donate Veteran Items to Military History Institute/Army Heritage Museum  
Army Heritage Center Commemorative Brick Program  
"Foiled but Not Failed Mission" by Frank South  
Ranger Song  
Veterans History Project  
All Four Stanzas of The National Anthem 1814
Freedom Isn't Free  
French Legion of Honor Medal  
National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Wants to Hear From Vets  
Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt  
D-Day Letter from Eisenhower June 6, 1944
A Note From Carl Lehmann